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Gold Series

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Pantene Gold Series - IS IT WORTH YOUR COINS?!

This infographic examines the history of gold from ancient history to the gold rushes of the centuries ago.

It looks at its properties and how it became not only a currency, but the gold standard. View Part 2: Supply and Mining. Chains are only as strong as their weakest link.

Chains are only as strong as their weakest link—and recent COVID shutdowns have affected every link in the gold supply chain, from producers to end-users.

Increased investor demand for gold coupled with a constrained supply has led to high prices and a bullish market, which has been operating despite these pressures on the supply chain.

As the virus spread around the world threatening populations and economies, investors turned to safe-haven investments such as gold to hedge against an economic lockdown.

Each one of these markets requires access to physical gold. COVID restrictions have disrupted shipping and delivery options, making it harder to access gold.

The market for gold has been functioning nonetheless. After reaching its destination via air, armored trucks with security personnel move the gold to vaults and customers in financial hubs around the world.

The U. London is the largest gold hub, with numerous vaults dedicated to gold and other precious metals. Four of the largest gold refineries in the world are located in Switzerland, making it an important part of the gold supply chain.

Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai are surprising additions and remain significant traders of gold despite having no mines within their borders.

As countries took stringent safety measures such as travel restrictions and border closures, the number of commercial flights dropped exponentially across the world.

For the few commercial airlines that still operated, gold was a low-priority cargo as space was dedicated to medical supplies. This impeded the flow of gold through the supply chain, increasing the cost of delivery and the price of gold.

However, thanks to the diverse geography of gold mining, some countries did not halt production—this helped avoid a complete stall in the supply of gold.

The COVID pandemic has created the perfect storm for gold by disrupting the global supply chain while investor demand for gold exploded.

Despite heightened delivery risks and disruptions, the gold market has managed to continue operating thus far.

Get your mind blown on a daily basis:. Investing in mining stocks may seem like luck of the draw, but the sector can be de-risked by asking the right questions.

Here we look at the business plan. Everyone loves to talk about creating the next great mining business, but are they willing to put that talk into action?

There is real money and real management behind every company—but surprisingly, not every company has a concrete strategy to build a business and create value for shareholders.

So, what should investors be looking for, when it comes to examining the business plan of a mining exploration company? A company should articulate a clear vision rather just simply following the trends and hoping for the best.

A clear vision in business will give the company a direction to aim for, allowing everyone to work quickly towards objectives.

Time is money, especially in mining. Companies need to build value fast to finance at higher share prices so that early shareholders do not get diluted.

A company needs to make concrete decisions that drive towards value creation. It is expensive to maintain a company, especially one that does not yet produce income.

Expenses add up quickly and that is why management needs to make sure they focus their efforts and money on activities that generate value for shareholders.

The mineral exploration business is tough and each project requires the undivided attention of managers. Smart companies maintain incredible focus to de-risk their projects while others spread themselves thin with multiple projects.

In order to assess whether a company has the right focus you have to see whether the company is aligning its human assets with its physical assets and a goal in mind.

Communication and business acumen are the key to take a project to market. They do not want to want to know the subtleties of geochemistry—they just want to know whether they can make money from those rocks.

Companies that hide behind a wall of geological slides may not have not a real story to tell, and they may be pulling investors into funding their own science projects.

At the same time, investors need to make sure that the data being presented matches the story being told. If a company cannot communicate effectively, how are they going to deal with other, more complicated aspects of a mining business plan?

A journey begins with a single step, but without a business plan and commitment, there will never be an end in sight.

Quality companies foresee how their project will come together to generate both liquidity and an exit plan for shareholders.

There are several clues investors can use to tell if a company is moving towards its goals. The goal in investing is to make money.

If shareholders are not making money, what is the point? If a company has no plan, it has no hope. Understanding the characters that create value for mining companies is the first step, and the second step is assessing whether there is a viable business plan at hand.

While the risks are high, an effective plan is the first step towards reducing risks and providing shareholders with value. Email address.

Connect with us. Related Topics: history gold gold properties romans bullion vc exclusive. Up Next Strathmore Minerals Corp.

Loose monetary policy and a reduced tax on capital gains spurred speculative investments into the new internet economy through a growing retail brokerage market and the emergence of venture capital.

The tech bubble would eventually pop as these companies were unable to build sustainable businesses and investor money dried up. Over the year of , investors rushed to exit their speculative tech investments resulting in several market crashes.

Gold steadily rose during this period. In , the Global Financial Crisis shook financial markets and left a recession.

Policy makers and central bankers embarked on a controversial policy of quantitative easing to support financial markets. The price of one ounce of gold reached new highs by the end of August , as worries on debt levels mounted for the U.

It was not until the election of a peculiar American president in that gold would rise again. Pressure to increase interest rates, an aging debt-fueled economic recovery, a trade war with China, and the recent COVID crisis has once again provoked economic uncertainty and a renewed interest in gold.

With interest rates already at historic lows and quantitative easing as standard operating procedure, global economies are entering unprecedented territory.

In an era of tech startups, ETFs, and algorithmic trading, many people consider gold to be a shiny paperweight—however, its performance over time against other assets shows it is far from this.

Gold has proven its value over time as companies, countries, and governments come and go. Gold will always be gold, in myth and in fact. Email address.

Connect with us. Check out Part 2 of The Gold Series on gold supply, geology, and mining. Related Topics: history gold gold standard gold facts vc exclusive.

You may like. Animated Map: The History of U. Golden Bulls: Visualizing the Price of Gold from Published 2 weeks ago on July 20, By Nicholas LePan.

The Ripple Effect: Stalling a Supply Chain Disruptions to the gold supply chain have rippled all the way from the mine to the investor: Production Some gold mines halted production due to the high-risk to COVID exposure, reducing the supply of gold.

Delivery Strict travel regulations restricted the shipment of gold and increased the costs of delivery as less air routes were available and medical supplies were prioritized.

Refinery Refineries depend on gold production for input. A reduction in incoming gold and the suspension of labor work shortened the supply of refined gold.

Metal Traders Towards the other end of the gold supply chain, traders have faced both constrained supply and increased cost of delivery.

These increased costs have translated over to end-users. The End Users Higher demand, lower supply, and increased costs have resulted in higher prices for buyers of gold.

Gold: A Safe Haven for Investors As the virus spread around the world threatening populations and economies, investors turned to safe-haven investments such as gold to hedge against an economic lockdown.

This increase in investor demand affected the four primary financial markets for gold: Futures Contracts: A futures contract is an agreement for the delivery of gold at a fixed price in the future.

ETFs hold assets such as stocks, bonds, and commodities such as gold. From the beginning of to June, the amount of gold held by ETFs massively increased, from 83 million oz to million oz.

The LBMA recorded 6, transfers of gold amounting to This was the largest amount of monthly transfers since Coins and Small Bars: One ounce American Gold Eagle coins serve as a good proxy for the demand for physical gold from retail investors.

Gold Eagles, spiked during the early stages of the lockdown. So how does gold get to customers during a time of crisis?

Refining: Refineries are responsible for turning semi-pure gold alloys into refined, pure, gold. Although gold mining is geographically diverse and occurs in all continents except Antarctica, there are only a handful of gold refineries around the world.

There are three main ways gold travels the world, each with their own costs and benefits: Commercial Flights: Cheapest of the three options, commercial flights are useful in transporting gold over established passenger routes.

However, the volume of gold carried by a commercial flight is typically small and subject to spacing priorities. Cargo Planes: At a relatively moderate cost, cargo planes carry medium to large amounts of gold along established trade routes.

The space dedicated to cargo determines the cost, with higher volumes leading to higher shipping prices.

Chartered Airlines: Chartered airlines offer a wider range of travel routes with dedicated shipping space and services tailored to customer demand.

However, they charge a high price for these conveniences. Get your mind blown on a daily basis: Thank you! Given email address is already subscribed, thank you!

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Pantene Gold Series - IS IT WORTH YOUR COINS?!